In response to the many queries that we have had regarding whether Perth Highland Games is to go ahead, I can confirm that at this moment in time, that we intend to stage the event. This, of course, will depend on instructions and guidance given by those in authority, and having a favourable timescale in order to make final preparations to safely run the games.

The games are due to take place in 18 weeks, and the committee is reluctant to cancel at this stage. We made a loss of around £10,000 last year when we cancelled due to weather and ground conditions. We currently have only enough money in our account to stage one event, so if we were to cancel now, it could potentially be at a cost of a few thousand pounds, and this could mean that we were no longer in a position to run any games in future years. We are currently investigating the costs and conditions regarding our contracts and licences.

Nobody knows how long the present lock down (and gradual lessening of restrictions) will last, and we are monitoring the situation closely. All options are being looked at, including pushing the date back by a few weeks and/or holding the games at a different location, if forced to do so by other circumstances. Our preparations are at an advanced stage for this year, and it is possible that we could be ‘up and running’ with only five or six weeks notice. Obviously, the situation is liable to change, and we will keep everyone informed of any further developments.

— Brian Whyte, Chairman