Interested in applying for a trade stand for the Perth Highland Games on Sunday 11th August 2019?

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Now that we have settled into our new venue at Scone Palace parklands we aim to improve the facilities for our traders and food vendors. Unfortunately we cannot accept all applications as we have limited space and want to have a good variety of goods for sale and avoid too many stands selling the same goods.

The Directors wish to support charities operating in the local area and will accept several local charities at a reduced rate of £50.

Each trader will have a well-marked out pitch with good access to the public. Trader numbers will be limited to make sure we have an even spread of goods and less duplication.

Those interested in applying to attend, please complete the attached application form and submit before the end of April 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified by 3rd May 2019 with an invoice and risk assessment form. Acceptance will have to be received by 17th May 2019 (by sending the relevant fee, copy of insurance cover and a completed risk assessment form), otherwise the pitch will be reallocated.

Apply for a trade stand below:



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Terms and Conditions:

  • Acceptance of applications and allocation of pitches is at the sole discretion of the Directors, whose decision is final.
  • Each trader must display a legal and conspicuous sign bearing their name, address and telephone number.
  • Suitable safety and fire-fighting equipment, where appropriate, to be provided by each trader.
  • Each trader must produce details of their insurance cover and a completed risk assessment when sent their invoice.
  • Only goods indicated on the application form below will be permitted to be sold.
  • All traders are permitted entry into the park on Saturday to set up, but must be at their allocated pitch NO LATER THAN 8.30am ON SUNDAY. No trader vehicles will be allowed entry to the park thereafter. No trader vehicle movement will be permitted within the park until the event has concluded (approximately 6pm).
  • There will be a designated front line and marked pitch, which each trader must not go over with any part of their stand or displayed goods.
  • Each trader is responsible for the disposal of refuse from their stall to the skips and/or litter bins provided.