Trade Stands

Types of stands

We always include a variety of stand types that will appeal to visitors to the Games, including catering outlets, trade stands and amusements. We offer a small number of spaces at a discounted rate for registered charities, on a strictly first-come basis.

Applying for a catering stand or an amusements space






If you would like to apply for a catering stand (i.e selling food and drinks) or an amusements space at Perth Highland Games 2018, please contact the treasurer in the first instance at He’ll send you a form and let you know the price for your stand or amusements space.

The treasurer will also send out catering/amusements application forms to allthose who successfully applied in 2017.

Applying for trade stands

If you would like to apply for a trade stand, i.e. a stand selling items such as crafts, art, clothing, jewellery, books, etc, please fill in this form electronically and send it to us at or send a paper version to:

Perth Highland Games 2018 Trade Stand Guidelines & Application Form (Word document)

Parking for traders

Traders may take their vehicle onto the Games Field. However, a weight limit of 7.5T has been imposed (by the local authority). If you think your vehicle may exceed this limit, please contact Geoff Walker ( before submitting an application.

Any questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us on and we’ll be happy to help.