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Perth Highland Games!

Perth Highland Games is one of the most popular events in the Scottish Highland Games calendar, which runs from May to mid-September each year.

The Games include traditional Heavyweight events such as throwing weights and hammers and tossing the caber. In addition, there is Highland dancing, foot and cycle races and the very popular pipe band contest with large numbers of overseas bands often taking part.

A wide range of trade and craft stands will cater for your shopping and catering needs.

Perth Highland Games – 9th August 2020


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Perth Highland Games Needs You!

Perth Highland Games Needs You!

Following a meeting of the Perth Highland Games committee last night, our Chairman, Stevie Ryder and his wife, Issie, tendered their resignations. They shall both continue to work on the



Unfortunately, following a site visit this evening with the Perth Highland Games Committee, Scone Palace staff and representatives from RSPBA DPA branch, we have jointly taken the reluctant decision to cancel the 2019 Perth